[F-Droid] Latest Delta Chat version available

Hi community.

I’m new to this forum. Still I have been using Delta Chat for quite a long time… but I was wondering why I haven’t received updates recently!?

So I checked on F-Droid:
Latest version available is: Version 0.510.1 (550) - Added on 2019-07-11.

Checking on the delta chat website in the apk-downloads section:
Latest version available is: deltachat-gplay-release-1.0.3.apk

… and now my questions:

  1. Is F-Droid no longer updated with recent versions? That would be a shame! :slight_smile:
  2. Is there a difference between F-Droid and Google-Play-Verision of the Andorid-APK?

BTW: Many THANKS for all your effort developing the Delta Chat Apps. I really enjoy it!


F-droid apps are all built on f-droid servers an signed with the f-droid key.
We are having difficulties with upgrading the deltachat script that tells the f-droid server how to build it to our new rust core.

fell free to help if you have an idea.
As far as I know the difference between dc-gplay.apk and dc-f-droid.apk is only the package id and the signature.


So why the huge discrepancy in what appears to be version number?

the “only difference” refers to the same version number, so if you compare fdroid-0.510.1 with google-play-0.510.1, the only differences, in fact, are the signature and the package-id.

but if you compare fdroid-0.510.1 with google-play-1.0.3 there are tons of changes, 8 months and probably about 100 releases in between.


To Simon: Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I’m not a developer so I cannot help to fix the issue.
I can only keep :crossed_fingers: that recent versions of Delta Chat will soon be back on F-Droid!

Meanwhile I might just have to download the apk and update manually…


@missytake should increase swap and try again. I am compiling in a rpi thanks to that. also take in account the other setting for simultaneous compilation as suggested in https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/issues/1189#issuecomment-576013352