Facebook marks https://delta.chat/ as spam address

In a Facebook Comment I wanted to link to https://delta.chat/
Facebook wouldn’t let me post the comment because it regarded the URL as “spam address”

I figured you’d might want to know about this . . .


thanks for reporting. maybe facebook is not really aware of the .chat tld. maybe you can try if https://getdelta.org works? that redirects to delta.chat, so, for for snippet-creation, facebook would land on the same domain, however, maybe worth a try :slight_smile:

I reported this by clicking “let us know” on https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/?q=delta.chat (created an account just for this) but I’m afraid it won’t help as Facebook is not actually known to react quickly or at all.

If we really want this solved, we may have to coordinate many people (who ideally didn’t just create their account) to do the same.

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thanks for the link, i also clicked “let us know”. logged into facebook after years for that :slight_smile:

really wondering what we have on our page that is against the “facebook community standards”. i mean you can offend ppl, post populist lies and things like that and you do not hurt “facebook community standards”. wtf. but maybe some ppl clicking “let us know” will unlock the page.

for ppl not having a facebook account, this is what the page looks like:

done, hope it helps

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