Fast internet but hardly able to send via DC

Good team, developers, user,

since a while my person finds it hard to gain connectivity via DC which secures especially sending while internet works fine (up to 2Mb/s download, 500kb/s upload). Also never hard errors like “encryption failed”…
As such as email use is very uncommon here, could it be that it is about lack of resources given for email by provider, or could it be related to changes in current DC-version?

you could check if chatmail works better and then deploy an own chatmail instance. chatmail is our new custom dovecot configuration that is optimised for use with deltachat.

Appreciation, good Simon, for well meant share. How ever, it’s not proper to relay on not really given, and actually having server avaliable.

The offer, how ever, suggests maybe that’s ‘just’ a setting issue of email-program and server. It’s, how ever, not so that changes there had been made, as far as aware.

The idea was more like try the account for debugging, to find out if it is your email server or the app. is a server known to work good, it’s located in Germany so maybe not the fastest connection, but the result of the test should help us to pinpoint the issue.

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