Feature improvement suggestions

  • Allow sending larger attachments (Windows; Android)
  • Allows to send higher quality photos (mainly refers to the camera to take photos, Android)
  • Read the image in the clipboard when pressing Ctrl + V (Windows)
  • Allow self-starting, and automatically minimize to the tray when starting (Windows)
  • Allow custom installation path (installer, Windows)
  • Allow custom user data path (installer; portable version, Windows)
  • The sent messages are synchronized in real time across multiple devices. (Windows; Android)
  • It is forbidden to download attachments automatically (Windows; Android). The specific manifestation is that the message bubble only displays the icon; the file name; the size and the text message. The download will only start after the user clicks the icon.
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this kind of feature is requested quite often, hope it is implemented sometime :slight_smile: but the current efforts are about email compatibility which is a huge improvement! (mailing lists, see original html emails, etc)