Final user-testing report is out

Our final UX report is out. It summarizes a year of needfinding and UX testing activities and other experiences organized together with our users, such as the real-life gamified testing in Kyiv, Ukraine. This report also marks the end of our one-year “OTF Robusness and Usability” project funded by OTF. It aims at describing technical and social evolution of Delta Chat during the year, and sketches priorities for further development and improvements. However, it may also be useful for developers and UX/UI designers working on secure messaging and decentralization, as it gives an overview of user patterns in a multi-device setting, introduces specific use-cases and scenarios, discusses many usability issues faced by decentralized chat apps. We also recommend this report to administrators of email servers, as well as to journalists and activists interested in decentralization, secure messaging and email infrastructures.


Very intetesting read. Thanks for sharing.