Fork/clone the group

Sometimes I want to create a group with the same or similar set of users as the current group to discuss a different subject without flooding the original group. Creating a new group and adding all the same users or creating a new empty group and sending a QR code to the original group then waiting for everyone to join is not convenient. It would be nice to be able to use existing group as a blueprint: clicking the “Clone chat” in the group profile should open the group creation menu with the members pre-filled with the members of existing chat, but the ability to modify the member list (removing/adding some) prior to group creation.

Maybe unify this with existing “New group or subject” option, because this option available for 1:1 chats does exactly the same, but is limited to 1:1 chats only.


Leaving maybe a link, qr-code, info, in origin chat behind, might be useful to splitt attention, or recall a little later, is still attached, good master Link2xt, and to know relation. So maybe good if making it a “conversation-option” within the chat, not requiring to go out, at first place. Similar like splitting a topic. Very useful to stay focused.

indeed, that was the rough plan :slight_smile:

android is already prepared for that, it is just not done yet :slight_smile: