Forward Message Dialog (&Drafts&Copy&Formats)

I could read there could be be problems with losing drafts.
Also I did not run in this issue I do the following
(for reasons like read/format-check, spell-check, but also to save my drafts):

A good idea is to use the “Saved Messages” contact as your draft “folder”
to overcome this. And maybe to use a synchronized second client.
This for sure safes each draft. You even have a draft history or multiple drafts
for one chat.

And this leads to this post’s intention:

My proposal is:

Currently I can select a single contact or a group. Good.
But it would even better if one could forward a message from my “Saved Messages” selecting also multiple contacts (if not grouped).
And this forward from “Saved Messages” is not shown as “Forwarded message” but as a normal message at the recipients.
Probably better is an extra context menu item, which is only available in “Saved Messages”, which says “Forward message as original” [from forward status to message status]
Clicking it, gives me an enhanced dialog which let me choose multiple contacts one by one from:
single contacts, groups, predefined list of contacts
and a “Send” does the job then.

PS: Desktop
As “Ctrl+C” does a copy but destroys formatting, one has to use menu “Copy”
to copy messages for editing. But there is no context menu item “Paste”.
For convenience a context menu item “Paste” would be good.

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I like this idea :+1::+1: I have always looked for a way to resend something without showing the “Forwarded Message”

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Plus instead of copy’n’paste provide directly a menu item “Edit”.
This does the copy’n’paste for me and sets the selected draft/message into the input field.

Plus An option “Copy message to itself” that could be set on/off for “Saved Messages”.
Default OFF. [Plus a menu item in “Saved Messages” for convenience: Send copy to myself]

Plus Let me copy&paste the chat dates in the chat lists, so I can reference it.

Plus maybe advanced (Desktop):
Have fix choosable window-sizes reflecting common mobile phone/tablet screen sizes.
The input field than has the same size as the choosen (outgoing) message width.
This to directly see/enter the formatting of the message how it will appear.

PS: Its already said I think, but as marker:
Please give a hint what message is currently selected.
Earlier version have shown a menu in the message itself if selected (3 dots upper right corner). This was better than it is currently, which shows nothing. Ok, needs one click more but you know which message.