From fdroid to get version

I don’t have google play access. I had been naively using the ‘latest’ Fdroid build. When I installed from the signatures were different. I now have two. While this is cute I cannot sort out how to export import my account. I was able to export import chat content history.

But also I can’t seem to “rekey” into on of my chats (with a device I own in another room) with a different email accouny. Receiver complains about decrypting.

Okay the grammar there is imprecise

Device_1_dc0544 & account_1 was speaking with Device_2_dc0544 & account_2.

Device_1_dc121 & account_3 sends message to Device_2_dc0544 & account_2

Device 2 complains about decryption from updated version on device 1.

Is there documentation for this that I may self educate better? I suspect my ignorance is a bit more vast than I realize.