Games Bot which offers different private apps to download

In SimpleBot Instances | simplebot-instances, I stumbled upon, a games bot.

If you send it a /list command, it sends you a private app in which you can select a different private app - next, it sends it to you. Most of it are games, but not only. You can play the game directly in the bot chat, or you can forward it to a group and play it there. Very nice, and thanks to @adbenitez for managing it!


anyone wanting to add their app to the “app store” bot just have to release it in something like github releases page, and contact me ( in DC) providing the repo URL, in the case of GitHub the bot takes author, description and version (tag) from the GitHub repo, hopefully in the future webxdc’s metadata will provide such information

I think the bot is a good idea for the first time.
But I think in the future it will be better to create a “webxdc-store” as a website which can be linked in DC. So users just have to enter the store and browse through the apps. Similar to Goggle Play store or Apple App store.

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:warning: Apple App Store don’t like this comment

So let’s call it “Webxdc shop” or something.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: