Getting using DC for i-phone without i-store?

Valued team, developer, user,

as often e case here (since phone seller use own account or pre-install wished): many people, using i-phone, have forgotten, never know, and no ways to download apps on required app-store.

So maybe a special question again (again encouraging to maintain own download-dock, not require third part bonds): Is the a possibility to gain, share, install DC outside of markets bonds?

Maybe similar, at least, like dev-versions for android?
Sure simple ways are searched, for total IT-dummies.

  1. How old are the i-devices? minimum version is iOS 11 (64bit only)
  2. why is the App Store not functional?
  3. jailbreak and cydia could be options, but probably not for people who are not interested in learning about IT.

to 1.: Probably new, less old is used here.
to 2.: As told, people at large here are not used to hold or look after keys (not at least because of being used that apps save such). Installings are usually made by phone-sellers, installing apps is a business. Many phones care accounts of certain seller. Own efforts are hard not at least because of language. I-phones are strong ‘prisons’, yet sure phoneseller sell everything, yet an app like DC isn’t a usual demanded.
to 3: probably, yes.

so they do not have their own apple id? or do the phone sellers install some managment certificate onto the devices so only they can install apps?

Why would you buy or use an iphone if it doesn’t support your language in the first place?

Also the only real way to install apps on i-devices without jailbreak is from the appstore or selfsigned sideloading that needs to be reinstalled every 6 days. (the sideloading requires an computer)

Good master Simon,

Sometimes they don’t have an ‘own’ and many time had, but forgot and not capable to reset. Usually people, if wanting an app, approach a seller.
(Btw. not different to android and google, yet at least dev-version can be installed without account)

sounds like your people need some education about the internet world and how to manage passwords… my tip: a pen and a paper, write it down and hide it at a place that you will remember or use the “Notes” app on your phone. and don’t buy an iphone then so you can atleast install the apk.

Why is this not an option for installing deltachat?

So there isn’t.

Appreciation for effort to try to understand the matter.

I don’t aggree with this. I’m all up for educating people or empowering them to educate themselves. But telling someone or a group of humans that one doesn’t know, that they need education is not nice in my opinion. I guess you didn’t mean it like this.

@SamanaJohann apple is really difficult to install apps on your own. With jailbreaking it should be possible, but from what I know nobody has yet created a deltachat version that one can install through cydia (it’s an alternative app store where you can add your own apps without apple, but only works on jailbroken devices). It should be possible and would be interesting. Also jailbreaking a newer device is not always easy, sometimes impossible. A lot of methods are scams/phishing attempts and not so easy to find the actual possible ways. Or at least I struggled with this problems when trying. Which shouldn’t stop you from investigating this further if it interests you :slight_smile:

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for reference: There was an issue for providing ipa’s, but it was closed due to lack of interest provide an unsigned .ipa · Issue #46 · deltachat/deltachat-ios · GitHub

(ipa’s are the equivalent of apks, though thanks to apple requiring valid signatures everywhere they are not so easy to install)

Yes it was not meant in a way to make anyone look uneducated or dumb, more like there is some basic stuff everyone should know about the digital world. At best as requirement before entering it like a drivers license, though it depends on the level of usage of course, a grandparent doesn’t need to know how to not fall for internet scams or use a password manager if they only use a messenger and nothing else.

I agree I could have worded that better. I apologize to everyone who might have been offended by that wording.

No problem at all. It’s normal to see ones perception of how things work as real and to try to get others join in in ones box.
(There are areas with even much more use of new techniques, 90+% coverage, fastest internet, yet not hunted by security at large. And use of vehicles but maybe just 15% driver licences. A child able to hold a bike drives, even if just 8, 10. Seldom would one have lock even on ones house… is a more trust and own responsibility world with less luring outwardly protections asides ones care on own deeds).

Protections outwardly, other then virtue, doesn’t give freedom but make one more and more imprisoned. Yet many try to lure people away, feel safe in dependency.

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