GIF as profile picture

Expected behavior

Possibility to select a GIF as profile picture.
But the animation should not appear until the image is enlarged.

Actual behavior

You can choose GIFs as profile picture, but no animation is displayed.


I think that would be a nice little feature that doesn’t exist in any other messenger.
For example, it would then be possible to wave at your own contacts in the profile picture if they tap or click on it. A bit like Apple’s Live Photos.

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We can use an API to and thus have a gif profile.

We can use an API to

nope, many reasons first of all the service you are suggesting is neither decentralized not opensource, also I don’t see how this service could help (besides being a way to discover new gifs).

Its mainly an UI decision if we want it or not, and then it’s a question of file size and compression (it’s easy to end up with huge filesizes with gifs, That’s why many gif services and implementations actually use videos instead of gif, because videos are better at compression than gif.).

So maybe we’ll get to it at some point but for now I don’t think the feature is useful enough to justify its implementation, maintenance and bandwidth/data-usage cost.