GIF-Tab in Emoji picker

Expected behavior

Users can view their GIF collection in the Emoji picker and post GIFs in a chat.

Actual behavior

There is no GIF tab in the Emoji picker, so they must be selected as a file.


Emojis, stickers and GIFs give users more ways to express themselves. They also improve the appearance of a chat. I think these three things belong together and it would therefore make sense to add a GIF tab to the emoji sticker picker.

Example Images


gif are often big and bloated, mp4 videos saved inefficiently as GIF, something of just some few kilos in mp4 gets converted to MegaBytes in GIF format, maybe you could some online tool to convert your GIF files to animated webp which hopefully should be much smaller and you could then send as sticker,

there is another trick: just rename the .gif to .webp and save it in the stickers folder this will allow you to send them as stickers

a GIF tab would be nice, but it would be better if Delta Chat converted the GIF to mp4 and still display them as auto-played infinite loop GIF in chat, that way they would be much more optimal for usage in email, faster to send and using less INBOX size for the receivers etc.

I know that GIFs could be very large and MP4s are often used instead. Nevertheless, many people refer to short MP4s as GIFs in everyday language, as they are used in the same way. That’s why I named the tab GIF.

In my opinion, animated stickers are not the same as GIFs/MP4s. Stickers can be animated but they don’t have a background. WhatsApp, for example, also distinguishes between stickers and GIFs. So I think such a tab would be more intuitive and convenient for users.