Give longer options for disappearing messages

Hi, I’m using “Saved messages” and some groups as a kind of personal log, with some notes and reminders. The content is only useful for a few months. I would like to use the disappearing messages setting to delete automatically the old messages, however it only includes options for very recent messages. Could you add more options to the disappearing messages list?. I would prefer a custom option but 6 months or 1 year would be enough for me. The same as you have for the deletion of old messages from the server/device. I’m using desktop and android.

PS: and thanks for delta chat, i love the idea!


i would like even 10 years, actually… :grin:

and, please, also add an option to make it work for myself always, regardless of other participants!

this is great for minimalism and keeping inbox tight (way more than it is for whatever perception of disturbed privacy there)

again, i think even on other delta chat clients, the trigger should be opt in for each one alone, and have zero effect on my side.

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It might be of use to rest the case (as already changed once): what if “simply” letting chose numbers, _ sec, _ min _ h, _day.

Please check, in the settings there is an option to delete messages, which affects all chats, and allows you to delete old messages.

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About the function “delete messages from server” I think it would be useful to be able to set it separately for each chat, especially now that DC manages quite well even the ‘normal’ email. At the moment I use DC only with chats of other DC users also for this reason: I delete chats from the server but I would not like to delete some “normal” mails automatically. A solution I thought was to use an account for chats and another account for “normal” mails, but currently the multi-account management with DC is quite problematic since you do not receive multi-account notifications. And in any case being able to manage each chat from a single account would be preferable to using multiple accounts.

yeah but that’s too manual!

using delta chat for email now, it would be great to have this extra feature. specially because the interface is not so good for handling them.

we can’t delete many messages at once, from the server, unless they’re on contact request or all on the same chat window, for instance.