Given email account, free, for all those wish to go after harmlessness and independency

Valued Delta-chat team, developer, user,

For those wishing to go after different and possible seeing opportunity in it, while trusting that such offer is welcome to place here. Maybe a good possibility in addition to the generosity given by delta-chat.

If somebody seeks for a possibility to stay not bond in contact with good friends, teacher… for good purposes, harmless and away from trade, may he/she be not shy to make use of a email on a voluntary and given server dedicated toward the Sangha and those wishing to follow path toward independency and beyond.

Of course it should not be seen as a public or what ever kind of trading offer but merely as an offer of a “family”, community, beyond worldly one, so merely a privat and not really anonymous, with hidden face, as well.

It’s all provided by some faithful follower, of the Buddhas community, mainly Khmer lay Buddhists, dedicated foremost toward the monks but also for those wishing to relay on given, even if not left home yet.

In case one might be inspired and able to make use of the original givers offer, may one not hesitate to request one (usually 100Mb size) and write an email toward my person ( or approach via .

Of course it’s welcome to forward this possible unconventional offer, especially toward those going after a virtuous and secluded path and it’s of course of good use to use it even if just next to usuall ways, for “special” undertakings next to usual worldly ways.

It’s all not a large undertaking and a small “family/community”, just bond in regard of good intentions to each other, and support within that, and surely will not be of much interest for many and also does not seek ofter gains and fame as well, isn’t in any “market”-contest. It’s also not at all a “Robin Hood” or what ever else worldly “Rebel” or “Opposing” undertakings but focused toward oneself and possibility to be able to care more about the source of oneself if wishing such, without trading strings but based on goodness given by others.

metta & mudita

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