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not sure if people are at large aware of how big tech firms currently close up all doors and bind their dependencies. Maybe the reallity got a little more clear after even a president got simply killed in those realms.
Some month ago devoted organized a new selfmanaged server, incl. mail-server. What one has to face, if trying to run a privat server, is the actually going on of cutting off ways for non-tech-giant-citizens by ways of simply rejecting mails from non-in-trade servers.

How, if even, does the team see chances to run communication without the pre-filter, pre-selection of large providers? Can delta-chat actally work outside the global momopoles, say by ways of encouraging toward small and privat mail-server?

Using a privat, “own” runned mail-server this days means actually no more contact to those already caught in the big net.

(Hopefully not needed to remark that certain “liberal” eu-laws actually increase the tendency, sold as protection)

For example: would it be possible to ignore certain pre-filters, like spams, rejects, and work with mails on their root?

This feels a little bit pessimistic to me. I would argue this is true for a lot of platforms/networks, but at least for my experience with e-mail not so true. I can run my own e-mail server (yes, i need to do some things properly but it’s possible, without money or bigger resources) and i am still able to contact humans using big corporation e-mail providers like gmail and alike. Of course I cannot communicate with humans only using whatsapp or things like this, but most humans use e-mail or at least read it every couple of days. Plus I have the feeling that currently a lot of humans are quite open to try out new messengers and run away from whatsapp. So maybe it’s a good moment in time to have a word or two with some friends?


Ah now I found the part i was missing. I’m not a system administrator and never set up an e-mail server by myself. But some friends do and their e-mails aren’t getting rejected from gnail & others. I don’t know the details but one has to do some things and configure the e-mail server “properly”. Which takes effort and time and more knowledge. But it’s possible, without buying weird licenses and without being in the circle of the big and evil corps. I will ask around and see if i can find some more information/documentation on this subject if you want?

Master @Moritz , good master @Jikstra, actually did /does all this and he had/has a hard to get the email-domain accepted especially in europa. Nothing known how much others, gmail, yahoo… handle privat server, but generally seemingly try to kill them off. Sure he might be glad to get hints and tips.

The friend replied with these things to be careful about:

  • Dkim signing
  • spf
  • dmarc
    If all those dns records are set properly, gmail should not reject mails anymore. If I figure out his nickname I will mention him here :slight_smile:

Shared, sadhu.

Maybe a sample of what might be used by “bigger brothers”:

The mail system

<…> (expanded from <…>): host[64…] said: 550-5.7.1[159.6…
12] Our system has detected that this message is 550-5.7.1likely
unsolicited mail. To reduce the amount of spam sent to Gmail, 550-5.7.1
this message has been blocked. Please visit 550-5.7.1 [550 5.7.1](tel:550 5.7.1) for
more information. k11si10342484wrn.217 - gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA

From some gmail user.