Gmail doesn't show individual's message, instead encrypted attachment

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

Gmail shows the individual’s message just as in the delta chat app

Actual behavior

The deltachat app itself shows the individual’s message, but Gmail only has 2 encrypted attachments from the person’s email.
Attachments are as follows:


This is normal. If you want to see your messages in Gmail you have to turn off encryption in Delta Chat. But I would strongly advise against that.


So which mobile client can or should be used?

Well, Delta Chat itself should be enough on mobile. I’m also using K-9 Mail, but it’s for my other email accounts (e.g. work-related).
Now, if you decide to switch off encryption any email client will do, including official Gmail app. I just don’t see the point of doing so.

Just 1 more quick q.

I created a group, and now the messages in it show the same 2 files in Gmail.
Should I ask each member to turn off their encryption?

A very reasonable observation, good Split.

While the intensive care of secret-messaging is surely most well meant by all of the team, my person isn’t a ‘friend’ of encryption at all, since one stays, next that no protection of wrong-doing as well effects, always subject of being suspected, and one stays bond anyway (to an app, decryption-mechanics, it-masters…) even to the point where all get lost for other spheres.

No real idea whether this automatic seeming appearance acts on:

One DC user ‘on’, most ‘on’, once ‘on’ always… for a chat.

Surely worthy a feature suggestion: ‘avoid encryption’, at least ‘preferred’ seems to be of no use if system would prefer it anyway if possible.

Sure there will be a most careful thought systematic behind which isn’t just not seen for now.