Gmail log-in failed

Hi, I’ve just installed the app from the Play store.
I couldn’t log in my Gmail account.

I read in the blog
that new version must support 2FA.

I don’t want to reduce my Gmail security to allow “less secure apps”. Sorry I’ve learned this lesson very well. Never anymore

Hi @Oleksiiko
As you probably know, the current play store version is a early beta version.

AFAIK the gmail login issue is fixed already but not released in play store yet.

So it would be great if you would test the next version again.
An also report other upcoming issues.

As you know, testing is the idea behind beta versions.

Thank you for your comprehension. :+1:

Is there apk available anywhere with new features?

In this preview the google login issue should be fixed.

Hi @Oleksiiko

I have just tested this preview.
And for me it works fine.

Works it for you too?

Gmail oauth2 worked for me as well with version 0.200 (Android from Play Store) :+1:

GMail login works fine in version 0.510.1, but when the app is left closed for some time it complains about a failed login.

I can then do a OAuth2 login procedure and I’m logged in again and can send messages. After leaving the app closed for some time the login fails again when opening it. (Going through the OAuth2 procedure helps again)

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I use stock oxygen OS from Oneplus. That might be the reason for the problem.