Greatings from the land of wonder

My person is not sure if custom here, nevertheless thought proper to let arriving be known (using this forum here).

Best greatings from the forests of central Cambodia and may ll your good undertakings always bear quick and traceable fruits.

My person, steady on search of allowable and proper means of communications for the community of monks of the Buddha, generously given, found way here. ( Use of email-server based messenger - Delta similar - possible for Sangha? link: forum(dot)sangham. net /index.php?topic=10210.msg25047#msg25047

Maybe of interest as site feedback: There had been troubles to register and gain verification email: for the case useful for your team here to know.

My person trust’s that his approaches here will not cause unwished burdens and will try to get into spheres unknown for him, in most careful way (being a total it-dummy).

At least sharing the merits of Master Holger and of yours: Giving the possibility to make use of a messanger-software (Delta) by Mr. Holger