Group chat split into a new group chat prepended with "Re:"

Delta Chat version Delta Chat Desktop 1.44.1 (git: v1.33.0-669-gc878fc78)

Expected behavior

My group chat should always remain within one topic or else it should be possible to reconcile diverged chats into one topic stream.

Actual behavior

At some point my group chat split into two, as below:
Screenshot 2024-05-16 184515

Debug logs

    "arch": "64",
    "authserv_id_candidates": "",
    "bcc_self": "1",
    "blobdir": "C:\\Users\\taoha\\AppData\\Local\\DeltaChat\\accounts\\1d29a48f-41ea-491c-b0da-f9112b7a3f70\\dc.db-blobs",
    "bot": "0",
    "configured_inbox_folder": "INBOX",
    "configured_mvbox_folder": "DeltaChat",
    "configured_sentbox_folder": "Sent",
    "configured_trash_folder": "Trash",
    "database_dir": "C:\\Users\\taoha\\AppData\\Local\\DeltaChat\\accounts\\1d29a48f-41ea-491c-b0da-f9112b7a3f70\\dc.db",
    "database_encrypted": "false",
    "database_version": "110",
    "debug_logging": "0",
    "delete_device_after": "0",
    "delete_server_after": "0",
    "delete_to_trash": "<unset>",
    "deltachat_core_version": "v1.136.1",
    "disable_idle": "false",
    "displayname": "Tao Hansen",
    "download_limit": "0",
    "e2ee_enabled": "1",
    "entered_account_settings": " imap:unset:***:unset:0:Automatic:cert_automatic:AUTH_NORMAL smtp:unset:0:unset:0:Automatic:cert_automatic:AUTH_NORMAL",
    "fetch_existing_msgs": "0",
    "fetched_existing_msgs": "true",
    "fingerprint": "F938E0B2F4EDD0417360C71DB9FBA655C742F58C",
    "folders_configured": "4",
    "gossip_period": "172800",
    "imap_server_id": "{\"name\": \"Dovecot\"}",
    "is_configured": "1",
    "journal_mode": "wal",
    "key_gen_type": "0",
    "last_cant_decrypt_outgoing_msgs": "0",
    "last_housekeeping": "1715797582",
    "last_msg_id": "71",
    "level": "awesome",
    "mdns_enabled": "1",
    "media_quality": "0",
    "messages_in_contact_requests": "0",
    "mvbox_move": "1",
    "num_cpus": "8",
    "number_of_chat_messages": "36",
    "number_of_chats": "5",
    "number_of_contacts": "7",
    "only_fetch_mvbox": "0",
    "private_key_count": "1",
    "public_key_count": "1",
    "quota_exceeding": "0",
    "scan_all_folders_debounce_secs": "60",
    "secondary_addrs": "",
    "selfavatar": "C:\\Users\\taoha\\AppData\\Local\\DeltaChat\\accounts\\1d29a48f-41ea-491c-b0da-f9112b7a3f70\\dc.db-blobs\\photo_2023-05-14_18-47-17.jpg",
    "sentbox_watch": "0",
    "show_emails": "2",
    "sign_unencrypted": "0",
    "socks5_enabled": "0",
    "sqlite_version": "3.39.4",
    "sync_msgs": "1",
    "uptime": "51h 14m 9s",
    "used_account_settings": "******",
    "verified_one_on_one_chats": "true",
    "webrtc_instance": "<unset>"

from where did you install deltachat? what versions do the other members of the group use.

the first message in the “Re:” chat is probably the culprit, you should analyse what’s wrong with it / what version of DC sent it

I think I just installed the desktop executable from the main site. No one else is using Delta Chat but me. It looks like the culprit email came from a Gmail user but there had been other Gmail replies before them that didn’t split the chat.