🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.20.X release

It’s finally time again for a new Desktop Release, help us find the most annoying bugs so we can make sure that this update is ready to be released on the website and in the stores. :wink:

This release in the Email compatibility release series aims to make delta chat more usable as email client for normal non-chat emails.

What to test?

  • Mailing lists
  • open HTML emails in browser
  • Status text/signature in the contact profile dialog
  • Contact requests
  • open settings in a new account (possible imported from a backup from delta chat iOS or android) — there was sometimes a bug there that resulted in a crash screen.
  • Normal usage

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Special Tests:

We added two incomplete features that need a bit more explanation:

Mailto link handling

This allows you to open mailto: links in delta chat desktop.
You need to setup DC as standard email app in your operating system’s settings, on macOS inside the mailapp or alternatively as mailto: protocol handler in your browsers settings (search “mailto” in Firefox’s settings for example).

Known issues:

Start delta chat minimized to tray

We added a command line argument that allows you to start delta chat minimized to tray, this can be useful when setting delta chat to startup on system start.

On windows you can copy the DC shortcut into the autostart/startup folder inside the start menu, then open the properties of it and add -- --minimized at the end to the target field.

I don’t know how to set up startup apps on macOS or Linux (your Distro might come with an application that lets you set them) yet, but the general process is to add -- --minimized to the executable-path/command. Feel free to comment bellow to share how you got it to work.

Note: the additional -- before --minimized is important otherwise DC won’t recognize the argument.

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


1.20.0: Index of /desktop/v1.20.0/
1.20.1: Index of /desktop/v1.20.1/
1.20.2: Index of /desktop/v1.20.2/


Thanks for the good job you have done :confetti_ball: :tada:

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  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • .deb package
  • version 1.20.0
  • show tray icon enabled

--minimized doesn’t work, the app starts as always, maximized :man_shrugging:

did you start with -- --minimized or with --minimized? note that the -- at the beginning is needed

At first I just added --minimized and so it didn’t work. Now tried with with the double (or quadruple) dash -- --minimized and it’s fine: the app starts minimized. That’s kind of weird because I’m used to the standard -- to add parameters. Can you explain why it works the way is does?

This is somehow a nodejs/electron thing that you need to provide -- and after that all your parameters, so not for each argument only one time that the arguments after it are correctly recognized.

It’s simple - electron itself has also arguments in the form --abc, but the app running using electron also needs arguments. To allow the app itself having arguments named the same as electron has (in other words to not worry about electron introducing a new argument in the future which would collide with your argument which your app uses for several years already) they simply put a sentinel value (--) in the argument list which divides the argument list into two parts where the first part is for electron and the rest is for the app.

Note the app itself can also put sentinel value (e.g. again --) and pass the rest to some other app :wink:.


So I’ve done some testing. Few things didn’t work, but when preparing a reproducer I found out that all but one were just a configuration issue on my system.

There is one thing though I wasn’t able to fix. Namely I can’t scroll using pgup pgdown home end buttons in the message feed (interestingly such keyboard scrolling works in the picture/document view).

I’ve tried focusing different elements (background, icons, etc.) by mouse clicking (LMB, RMB) and by pressing tab several times etc. But no luck so far.

Could this be allowed?


Good Keybindings are still a thing that needs some love.
Our current system is not good enough, I agree.
It’s on the to-do list. Next release after this one should be focused on accessibility for screen-readers/blind people and to do that we might already need to improve some keyboard support.

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I would like to suggest that you support the “Paste Image from Clipboard” function as early as possible in the desktop version. This is a very common and important function. Please.


We have a new version — 1.20.1, we’ll push this version to the stores soon, unless you find blocking bugs.



  • pulled translations


  • fix empty settings after importing backup
  • fix archiving/unarchiving chat deselection issues (see #2262)
  • clear userfeedback/errors on account switch / logout (see #2261)
  • fix link color in quotes


1.20.1: Index of /desktop/v1.20.1/

  • I’m getting “IMAP operation attempted while it is torn down” whenever I start DC which wasn’t the case for the 1.15.x versions.
  • Still no notifications (toasts or bubbles) for new messages on Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 (19042.985).

what provider are you using?

I think this makes more sense to discuss on github: The newly released 1.20.0 still cannot push notifications in Windows 10 (1809 LTSC). · Issue #2263 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

also which version did you try? portable or installed?

Although this error message is shown DC works fine (apart from the missing notifications).


Installed version.

Profile pictures orientation is wrong.

This problem occurred on 1.20.1 Linux Desktop and Android 1.20.2

The picture is shown with the right orientation (portrait mode) at the phone gallery. If it’s set as profile picture inside of DC then it appears in horizontal mode.

Background service is also very weak. Some phones like One Plus, Huawei and Sony just kill DC. It makes not difference if you set the battery optimization to exclude or not. No problems on LineageOS based phones without Google Services. On SailfishOS and VollaOS very seldom trouble with it.

Next is the length of the voice messages. They are not shown correctly. To short every time.

This is a known issue:

The version we’ll put in the stores / on the website, we needed to make that update mainly to get the flatpak to build again.
If you want you can already test the test version of the flatpak:

flatpak install --user https://dl.flathub.org/build-repo/48102/chat.delta.desktop.flatpakref



  • Add env option VERSION_INFO_GIT_REF to manualy set the git-ref on the version info, so that you can set it manually if needed. (interesting for packagers only)


  • Fix “Forwarded by $author” in message and add support for overwritten sender name to it.
  • Fix cursor type on hovering over sticker
  • Fix links in status (profile view)


  • Adjust sticker styling (quote styling).


Download: Index of /desktop/v1.20.2/

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Today I found one issue with “Contact request → BLOCK CONTACT”. Namely after DC showed “Contact request” I didn’t do anything in DC and instead opened & moved the message from Inbox to a different folder with Thunderbird. Then in DC I clicked on “BLOCK CONTACT” and boom - it had no effect (the “Contact request” did not disappear).

I’ve restarted DC several times and it behaves the same.

I’ve also tried to send myself yet another email from a non-blocked email addr and DC showed this new email address also as “Contact request” and choosing “BLOCK CONTACT” worked for this new email. But then the original “Contact request” appeared and it still can’t be blocked and it stays persistently there.

I think once the “Contact request” shows up, blocking the email shall work even if the email was already deleted or moved or opened or whatever.

Tested with DC v1.20.2.r0.g0c548cbd .

Could you provide a part of the log immediately after clicking “block”? Is there some error?