🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.27.X release

It’s finally time again for a new Desktop Release, help us find the most annoying bugs so we can make sure that this update is ready to be released on the website and in the stores. :wink:

This release in contains many bugfixes and an all new messagelist that now supports jumping to a specific message.

What to test?

  • Windows builds are now signed!
  • New account
  • Export Backup
  • Normal usage
  • Zoom in Gallery
  • Jump to message from search
  • MessageList (the area where you scroll though the messages of a chat)
  • Download message on demand (set download limit in settings, then recieve a big file and click on download)

click here for full change log

Known issues:

  • We have a report from a window user that is unable to start this version, it shows the error message: “The DeltaChat Module couldn’t be loaded”.
    We don’t know yet how to reproduce it so if you can test on windows please do.

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


1.27.0: Index of /desktop/v1.27.0/
1.27.1: Index of /desktop/v1.27.1/
1.27.2: Index of /desktop/v1.27.2/

Note that you should make a backup of your current setup (or most important accounts) first to be on the safe side before trying test-releases.


Thanks to muelli we also have 1.27 to the beta branch on flathub now:

$ flatpak remote-add --user flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo
$ flatpak install --user flathub-beta chat.delta.desktop
$ flatpak run --branch=beta chat.delta.desktop

flathub beta commands explanation video on yt: How to install Flathub Beta Channel (Again) - YouTube
general flatpak tutorial: How to Use Flatpak - YouTube
written instructions on beta flatpaks from inkscape: Inkscape 1.0beta2 - GNU/Linux : Flatpak | Inkscape

Edit: ok sth doesn’t work yet, I get a crash on startup: V1.27.0 by muelli · Pull Request #79 · flathub/chat.delta.desktop · GitHub
Update: tracking pr: WIP: next deltachat version by Simon-Laux · Pull Request #81 · flathub/chat.delta.desktop · GitHub
Update: x86_64 arch works now (atleast locally for me)
Update: the steps above works now

Once it works and you can test it, please test all file operations specifically, because we added some more sandboxing:

  • import backup
  • export backup
  • save attachment to disk
  • send attachment
  • open html email in browser
  • and so on…

:kangaroo:The long awaited jump to message is here”

I’m trying .deb, it seems alright

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In the changelog I see “Experimental support for webxdc”
When i click on these files an archive is opened.
Is there a way to use them?

resend them or forward them to yourself (or import a backup where those messages are not downloaded yet.)

Thanks, now it works!

flatpak version is ready to test see 🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.27.X release - #2 by Simon! :tada:

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When can I update the iOS client? It doesn’t seem to display system notifications.

iOS updates come over the app store or testflight (see https://download.delta.chat ) for notifications, there are some open issues, indeed, it does not work as good as it could, however, at least, “Connectivity View” shows some more details about things not working since 1.28

the Persian translation is completed in Transifex but there are some untranslated strings in the app(.deb 1.27.1).

jump to message from search is great!..also zoom in the gallery

I’m not sure but it seems it takes longer to send large video files(~13mb).

A wild test release appeared!
version 1.27.2 is out for testing:

  • webxdc content now has access to persistent DOMStorage
  • Fix missing key login_socks5_login
  • Fix creating contacts from email address in message
  • Fix two different about dialogs on macOS #2280
  • Fix error in calculatePageKey
  • Fix special messages not getting fetched on incoming messages
  • Fix react adjacent warning in info message
  • Fix open deltachat from uri doesn’t detect the uri on macOS #2257
  • show qr code content if decoding failed
  • fix openpgp4frp uri opening on macOS
  • Fix loading more messages if we only less messages to fill the window size
  • Fix chatlist jumps to top after archiving
  • Reduce startup lag while fetching messages (fix debouncing of onChatListItemChanged)
  • Fix webxdc audio playback
  • Fix qr scanning on account screen

What to test

Besides general usage and the things I asked you to test in the opening post and in the flatpak post

Reduced startup lag

When deltachat fetches the new messages from the server the ui was unresponsive/frozen for a few seconds, we fixed debouncing reducing the function calls on an expensive function from 669 to 27 (in my test setting).
Is it better now?

open link with deltachat

Please test open links with deltachat: interface/mailto-links.md at master · deltachat/interface · GitHub

Also try logging in into the forum with deltachat desktop (if DC can open the link that enough you don’t have to do more than clicking on the manual-link button and check if DC asks you to join the login-bot group)

(Does not work on windows yet (help appreciated if you know windows registry stuff and NSIS), under MacOS you have to set DC as default email app in the settings of the mail app)


Index of /desktop/v1.27.2/

the Persian translation is completed in Transifex but there are some untranslated strings in the app(.deb 1.27.1).

I can pull the translations again maybe they are not complete when I last pulled them.
Otherwise what are the strings that are not translated? maybe there are still some that are not even registered in transifex yet.

“Jump to message” is indeed great! Thanks!
How do I jump back to the latest message?

Thanks for testing, I just stated the release process of 1.28.0, you can look up the current progress on it in this issue:

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Hi, will Delta Chat 1.28.2 for Mac OS also be released in the App Store?

It’s not built in yet, will be part of one of the next releases, definetly a priority :slight_smile:

Of course, should be released by now :slight_smile: