🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.31.X release

The time has come for a new Desktop Release! :tada: Help us find the most
annoying bugs so we can make sure this update is ready to be released on
the website and in stores. :muscle:

Release Highlights

:incoming_envelope: experimental changing of email address/provider (AEAP)
:heavy_plus_sign: Floating action button in chatlist to start a new chat
:train2: Many reliability improvements and bugfixes

What do you think of the new floating “new chat” button?

What to test?

  • Menu sidebar and settings
  • MessageList (the area where you scroll though the messages of a chat)
  • New account
  • Normal usage

Click here for full change log

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better
as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


1.31.0: Index of /desktop/v1.31.0/

Important: please backup your current setup (or most important accounts)
before upgrading in order to be safe when trying test-releases. You can
find this option under Settings > Chats and Media > Backup.


thanks to hard work.
v1.30.x virus total warnings eliminated.

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I really like the floating action buttoon :grinning:

thanks for testing everyone!

We are now in the process of releasing 1.32:

Which has some smaller changes and fixes compared to 1.31:


  • open mailto links in messages always in deltachat #2835
  • updated deltachat-node to v1.91.0
  • Update translations (09.08.2022)


  • Broadcast lists as experimental feature
  • add connectivity status in sidebar/hamburger menu #2819


  • fix escape key let sidebar flimmer shortly upon startup bug
  • fix double open settings crash #2824
  • fix display of quoted forwarded messages
  • add warning that broadcast lists are unencrypted
  • remove 1px white bottom border on image message

Hello, are these already the final versions of DC desktop 1.32? :thinking:


its not final, its latest version.
virus total checked for windows exe’s, 1 critical 3 low problem.

Ok, thx.