🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.39.X release

The time has come for a new Desktop Release! :tada: Help us find the most
annoying bugs so we can make sure this update is ready to be released on
the website and in stores. :muscle:

Release Highlights

This release mostly fixes bugs and increases stability, so there are no highlights this time, but rest assured we have some highlights in store for the next big release.

Testing focus

Normal usage, nothing specific.

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better
as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


Index of /desktop/v1.39.0/

Important: please backup your current setup (or most important accounts)
before upgrading in order to be safe when trying test-releases. You can
find this option under Settings > Chats and Media > Backup.


Is there any possible way to test Android beta??

delta Chat 1.40.0 - choose your flavour and mind your backups:

what to test: nothing special, this is mainly a bugfix release. however, if possible, please also test a new installation.

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