🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.41.X release

The time has come for a new Desktop Release! :tada: Help us find the most
annoying bugs so we can make sure this update is ready to be released on
the website and in stores. :muscle:

Release Highlights

All platforms

:love_letter: one-to-one chats guarantee end-to-end encryption for introduced contacts now
:relieved: for everyone’s simplicity, we mark these contacts and chats with green checkmarks
:busts_in_silhouette: groups are created automatically with guaranteed end-to-end encryption if possible
:arrows_counterclockwise: Accept/Blocked, Archived, Pinned, Mute is synced across all your devices

Desktop specific

:clamp: Images are now compressed (unless you send them as files)
:framed_picture: Global Gallery with your pictures, documents, media across all chats
:sparkles: many more improvements and bugfixes

  • Since we needed to upgrade electron this version drops support for windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (Farewell, Windows 7/8/8.1 | Electron)
  • Core is now built on Debian 10: now requires glibc 2.28, ubuntu 18 is not supported anymore.

Full Changelog

Testing focus

Normal usage and:

  • verified DM chats
  • verified Group chats
  • creating new chats
  • search in chat
  • send images compressed as images and uncompressed as files.
  • new experimental feature “Related Chats”
  • we’re SYNCING: Accept/Blocked, Archived, Pinned and Mute are synced across all your devices, so please test it if you have multiple devices

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better
as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


Important: please backup your current setup (or most important accounts)
before upgrading in order to be safe when trying test-releases. You can
find this option under Settings > Chats and Media > Backup.


Next test release 1.41.4 is out, if everything works we will release the next version 1.42 soon to the websites and the stores.

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Thanks for testing, Index of /desktop/v1.42.0/ is releasing now.

Update: we have Index of /desktop/v1.42.1/ now.