🧪 Help testing the upcoming v1.45.X release

Linux phones and flathub beta

Flathub Beta

The beta is out on flathub, the transition from dc-node to jsonrpc rpc binary npm package took its time, but now it’s finally available. If you wonder about version, it’s currently an in-between version between 1.45.4 and the upcoming 1.45.5 test release.

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo
flatpak install flathub-beta chat.delta.desktop

read more about beta repos on How to use flathub-beta - Tutorials and Tips - Flathub Discourse

Small Screen Mode makes it usable on linux phones.

It got warm, probably because electron is a resource hog. Also beware of the graphical glitches (see the send button).
Anyways this use case is not officially supported, if you can try deltatouch or maybe the tauri version (That I’ll make soon) works more efficient.
Or contribute to kdeltachat or one of the other clients ( List of all know Client Projects) to make them a viable alternative in the future, currently there are many missing features in those clients.


I think there is a incorrect grammatical tense used in German when displaying reactions in the chat list.
A reaction to a message is displayed in the chat list like this:


Shouldn’t it be past tense?
For example: “Sie reagierten mit :+1:…”.

This also applies to DC-Android and DC-iOS.

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makes sense, thanks for pointing that out. i changed the string accordingly on Transifex:

they will be picked up on next translation pull, for all platforms.


1.45.5 is now ready for testing.
(reaction translation fix is not in that test version, will come with the next version)


  • Added
    • send contact as VCard from attachment context menu #3830
  • Changed
    • Update translations (2024-06-08) #3923
    • Update @deltachat/stdio-rpc-server and deltachat/jsonrpc-client to 1.140.2
  • Fixed
    • Do not set min window dimensions on screens that are smaller than those min dimensions (such as linux phones) #3919
    • packaging: respect NO_ASAR env var in afterPackHook #3916
    • fix image cropper is not started when creating a group #3920
    • refresh member list after changes #3807


Delta Chat Desktop 1.46.0 (git: flathub)
Delta Chat Core v1.140.2
SQLite 3.39.4
electron 30.0.6
node 20.11.1

Map not works on PC!
Debian 12 (XFCE)