🧪 Help testing upcoming 1.15.x release


:mouse: Message bar is now focused automagically. This saves you time and probably lots of mouse kilometers :wink:
:eye: You’re looking for a less distracting experience? Give the new “Minimal“ theme a try
:butterfly: Support for languages written from right to left, added translations for فارسی (Farsi)
:sparkles: We polished the UI, fixed bugs and improved performance

Full Changelog

### Added
- open message info when clicking on the error status icon of a message
- add deltachat desktop version & build info to the logfiles
- Add warn dialog for urls containing punycode
- add a minimalistic theme featuring an irc like message view
- add a context menu for electron (adds copy/paste options to composer #1997, #2047)
- Add copy button to qrcode text/url result dialog
- Add a confirmation dialog when starting a new videochat

### Changed
- always show timestamp and padlock/nopadlock on messages (previously padlock and timestamp were hidden on error)
- update translations (10.02.2020)
- add Farsi translation
- Try to always focus composer textarea
- Store relative instead of absolute path to last Account #2028
- replace parcel bunder with esbuild bundler (faster bundle speed)
- turn "theme not found" error from the `--theme` cli option from process exit into normal init fail with a user readable error message in an dialog.
- loghandler: warn on non-writable stream
- move error toast to top in order to free the view onto the message input field.
- overhaul ui of email settings
- overhaul ui of switching between media/message list and map
- overhaul ui of "context" menu button
- ui: integrate map dialog into the main screen
- Upgrade electron to version 11
- use only esbuild for frontend builds (skip typescript build & validation, typescript can now be checked with `npm run test` or `npm run check-types`)
- ui: make videochat invite messages look like on android
- ui: overhaul send message button
- ux: indicate who forwarded the message in groups

### Removed
- Remove intergrated BasicWebRTC, because it was broken and we currently lack the resources to fix and maintain it
- Disable React Devtools as they are broken in the newer electron versions
- remove terser minification, the minfication of esbuild is sufficient and faster

### Fixed
- correctly display RTL text inside of the message input field (see #2036)
- performance: only mark messages read on the currently fetched page instead of all when selecting a chat
- show right default background for theme in background preview in settings
- handle invalid theme metadata better (don't display no themes anymore when one has invalid metadata)
- Fix copy of labeled links
- Fix hard to alter text in the middle of "Video chat instance" input field (see #2016)
- Add missing options (at once, one minute...) for autodelete from server
- Update failed messages also in messagelist
- Fix crash on upgrading from v1.12 or earlier

Please help testing and report bugs/issues either in this thread or on github :slight_smile:



It is completely impossible to unfocus it. I am used to clicking on the chat area and then scrolling with Space and Shift+Space, and now it doesn’t work: space is put into message area and creates a draft. Maybe check what other messengers do (Telegram, Telegram Web, WhatsApp). I tested Signal, scrolling with Space this way works in their desktop app.

a workaround i found: you can hit shift+tab three times, then the message view is focused and space/shift+space work.

i tested telegram on mac, there the behavior is as with Delta Chat now. not sure, what is better, for not-so-used users maybe the automagical approach, but i have no strong opinion on that, tbh, i did not know about space shift+space before :slight_smile:

maybe we can also have a dedicated shortcut to focus the message area? then once could focus without even using the mouse.

another thing i notices: on mac, there is no find-shortcut (or it stopped working) - i would expect ⌘F (Ctrl-F on other platforms) to focus the search input. and maybe we could use ⌘M (Ctrl-M) to focus message view?

If it is not ubiquitous behaivor in other apps, then it’s not so important.

update: Index of /desktop/v1.15.3/


update: bug-fixes and notification improvements

download: Index of /desktop/v1.15.4/

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When viewing “Nachrichtendetails” pressing “…” the following text appears:
Sent: 2020.04.19 12:39:47 by …
Received: 2020.04.19 12:39:49
State: Seen

The date is not presented in ISO nor in local notation. I would expect:
2020-04-19 (ISO) or 19.04.2020 (German). 2020.04.19 looks like used e.g. in China.

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Seems I don’t get any notifications for new messages from DC 1.15.5 on WIndows 10.
(Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 build 19042.870
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0
Intel Core i5-10210U)


is deltachat on (in the tray)?
is the deltachat window minimized / not focused?

Yes, it’s in the tray.
Unfortunately, no notifications under any circumstances (whether minimised, maximised, focussed, in the background).

from where did you install it? installer or app store?

I tested 1.15.3 from the AppStore and 1.15.4 as well as 1.15.5 from the installer. No notifications for any of these versions.