Hide Menu Bar (Linux desktop)

Expected behavior

Would it be possible to add an option to hide the menu bar? I know it’s not much, but it would save a few more pixels of vertical space and make it look less cluttered for those who have the need.

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I second this request… Personally I haven’t used applications with menu bars for many years now - they really look outdated and are not touch pad/screen friendly.

I am sure, there are relevant UX/UI questions to be solved… in the mean time delta-chat could do what Firefox and Signal do: hide the menu bar by

  • pressing Alt
  • offer an option to hide the menu bar from the settings, that are in the Hamburger Menu.

Of course a GNOME style Headerbar would be the best solution imho.


Citing from electronjs.org


A boolean property that determines whether the window menu bar should hide itself
automatically. Once set, the menu bar will only show when users press the single Alt key.

If the menu bar is already visible, setting this property to true won’t hide it immediately.