How can we improve our Settings screen?

What are your ideas for improving the settings? What is not intuitive? What annoys you?

I’ll start myself here:

  • The settings are structured differently on our different platforms we should unify them, so click-paths in FAQ and co are the same on all platforms.
  • Backup is in “Chats and Media”, that’s not really where I would expect it, I would rather put it in it’s own sub category or onto the main page of the settings.

Corresponding issue is Unify where settings are located on all platforms · Issue #49 · deltachat/interface · GitHub, but you can post here too if you are not comfortable working with github, that’s completly fine too, actually this is why I made this topic here/


I agree

Than: clicking/tapping on the profile avatar should open the profile settings (image, name and signature at least).
Profiles could be switched by dragging on the screen, but I don’t know your future projects for the folders or similar.

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I also think the backup feature should be moved.
Perhaps the account switcher screen would be the right place on all platforms for it.
There one can switch, delete and create new accounts.
So I find it kind of natural to put the backup feature there.
In addition, a backup is not a setting in the strict sense.
Originally, I actually wanted to include this feature in my mockup screenshots for the app switcher menu. But then I decided against it because I thought the development effort could be too high.

As far as the DC-Desktop is concerned, I think the settings window could be improved a bit by increasing the contrast to the background in dark mode.
The upper part of the settings window stands out very poorly.
Maybe a solution would be to make the window a bit lighter or to increase the small shadow around it. This also affects the “New Chat” window, by the way.

I also thought about how to structure the settings.
That’s my suggestion, which I want to put up for discussion here:

:bust_in_silhouette: Profile:

  • Name
  • Avatar
  • Signature Text

:e-mail: Account

  • Server Data
  • Connectivity
  • IMAP Folder Handling:
    → Watch Send Folder
    → Send Copy to Self
    → Move automatically to DeltaChat Folder
    → Only Fetch from DeltaChat Folder

:shield: Privacy:

  • Blocked Contacts
  • Read Receipts
  • Prefer-End-To-End Encryption
  • Send Autocrypt Setup-Message
  • Manage Keys (Export, Import Secret Keys)

:speech_balloon: Chat:

  • Archived Chats
  • Show classic E-Mails
  • Auto-Download Messages
  • Delete Old Messages from Device/Server
  • Video Chat
  • Media Quality When Sending

:bell: Notifications:

  • Enable system notifications for new messages
  • Show Sender and first words of the message in notifications

:framed_picture: Appearance:

  • Day Night Mode
  • Themes
  • Wallpaper

↔️ Advanced:

  • :man_technologist: Development Tools
  • :test_tube: Experimental Features

:ring_buoy: Help:

  • Search
  • FAQ
  • Website
  • Forum

:heart: Donate → Link

The Notifications area contains only two settings. Maybe there will be more in the future.
For example settings for notification tones.
Actually, “Help” and “Donate” are not settings. But I don’t know where to put them in DC-iOS or DC-Android.

I agree perhaps by structuring everything with a “download” icon for backup on the left, then the profile picture and the account name in the center and finally a “trash can” icon for the deletion of the account on the right , in order to have the backups and deletion of the account spaced out

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