How do I clean excessive files?

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

Locate a subfolder in Android where user files are stored.

Would be excellent to have a feature compact & clear.

Actual behavior

Never found the folder. Even with search.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Open files.
  2. Type “Delta” in search.

Screen snapshots

the data are not accessible with some tools by other apps but the system, this is by design and can be regarded as a security feature.

to cleanup space on the device, you can delete unused chats and/or messages. in fact, we’re currently working to make this a bit smoother, eg. offer a method to “clean” a chat without deleting it and also having some options to delete old messags automatically from the device.

but also, don’t overestimate the amout of space that can be freed in your example screenshot: even if all data are deleted, app size will probably still be about 83mb (not sure what android is doing here exactly, the apk is smaller)

Could you direct me to the issue where the work is going? (“in
fact, we’re currently working to make this a bit smoother”) I
would add some user stories, maybe somebody would be interested to

  Btw, it's so easy to do in Telegram. Just delete videos and

stuff. I see that it’s not the way for DC. Though it could be done
even better!

  I will be happy if I could free 0.5 GB. It seems like it could be


there are several issues in the core about that, eg. , or - it’s much more sorted in some heads :slight_smile:

Thank you!

  How does my 800 MB of data structured? Why don't I have such

problem with K-9?

  It would be great to get rid of heavy items first place, and from

old ones in second.