How does the dedicated folder work?

I have set the ‘move automatically to DeltaChat folder’ to true, but the received messages still popup in my inbox, and there is no DeltaChat folder to be found in my mail box.
What could be going wrong here?

I read in another thread that DC needs to be active in order to move messages to the DC folder. That wont work for me.
I decided I am probably better off adding some folders and mail rules of my own. Any objections to that MO?

use a dedicated account for DC or setup mail filter rules to move chat mails to the DeltaChat folder.

Thanks. I was thinking along those lines. I am happy using my (own) trusted mail domain. And I will resort to mail rules for handling the messages.

Oh, and thanks for being the first one to reply to a message of mine. :slight_smile:
It could be a bit busier here…