How save mail headers like DKIM, SPF,DMARC?

Hi guys!

I have problem with DKIM, DMARC and SPF records in android verion of deltachat. When i send message then headers dissapear. And mail server reject messages. How i can save headers?

  1. what version of dc android?
  2. what email provider are you using?
  3. did it work before, is this a new issue introduced by an update?

i’m sorry. forgot to specify versions. No, it never worked and today i decide solve my problem :slight_smile:
dc 1.34.13. i use my custom mail server (exim+dovecot). I think that problem with my server because if i send message from gmail to me then i see headers, if i send message from my server to gmail then i dont see headers. but if i send message to gmail by thinderbird then i see headers.
I’ll check my smtp settings again.

i added return_path_add = true into tranport and problem was resolved. Maybe delete the thread?

It’s fine if it stays with me, maybe it can be useful to others