[How to] Change wallpaper on Linux Desktop App


Is there a way to change the wallpaper?
I can’r find it anywhere.



I don’t even know where the file is so I can, at least, edit it.


currently, there is no option, however, i am pretty sure, sooner or later there will be one :slight_smile:


BTW, @joaojotta welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks @adbenitez.
And btw: if anyone kniws how i could tinker with some files in order to change the background… I’m all ears!


If you build it yourself you can simply change the file images/background_hd.jpg or when you’re bold you can replace that image inside the asar archive in the packaged app.
you might need to unpack and repack that file using https://github.com/electron/asar . (I have not tried that route so I would recommend the “compile it yourself” route.)

PS: If you really want it, feel free to try implementing it and opening a pull request. :wink: