How to clear list of contact requests?

(Delta.Chat 1.14.5; Android 10)

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I have a long series of Contact Requests, as I accidently had put the settings to checking my email In-Box with DC. So now I have a very long list of Contact Requests. Nearly all of them I would like to delete.
Is there a way to manage this list, like clearing it, except opening each single one and reject the request?

I find, there is an unconsistency in my DeltaChat app regarding the Contact Requests:
In my chats-list there is a message at the top, called Contact Requests It contains a whole lot of requests from all the emails I had received and not answered with DC. When I go in the three-dashs menu and open the point “Contact Requests” this list is empty. So there is an inconsitency between this list in the menu and all the contact requests stacked and waiting in the top line above my chats.
I observe exactly the same inconsistency in the DC Windows Chat Tool.

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I also realized that situation yesterday casually, the issue is that you turned “classic email interaction” to “no, only chats” but seems Delta Chat has a bug and keeps displaying the emails in the contact requests deadrop chat, you could try set email interaction in “all” again, then open contact request via three dots menu and if they appear again then the chat at the top of the chat list should disappear

OK, with the “all” setting, an identical list of Contact Requests is displayed on top of the chats as well as behind the three dots/dashs menu point.

Is there a way to efficiently manage this list of Contact Requests, (which in my case is more than a hundred requests long) without opening the dialogue with each single request?

I would like this contact request view, instead of a chat with a mixed bunch of messages could be a list of contact requests like in other social media apps, this could be just a list of chats for contact request that is the same as the normal chat list, but in your case, just opening the contact requests chat via the three dot menu should hide the deaddrop at the top of the chat list