How to create a group with multiple emails at once

Consider the following situation, I teach a course and I want to create a chat group for my current students. Assume that all students are happy to join the group.

If there are few students, I can manually add them. But if there are 20, 30 or 60 students, the task is not easy.

What are the economic ways to create a group with multiple emails.

Also assume that I can have students emails with a comma separated text such as,, etc

My idea would be to send a invitation QR Code via mass E-Mail to your students.
This code they can simple scan with there DC clients on the phone and join the group.

Click "new group (or maybe veryfied group)> generate invitation Code
to create this code.

I think this should work and it’s save because everybody join voluntary to the group.


If you know some programming (or find someone who does), you could write a simple “bot” to do it. It’s not hard, one can use Python, Golang or NodeJS. Have a look at More specific help could be discussed in

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Why not just start a thread with everybody on the list via traditional mail client, and then treat it like a group in Delta?

Yes, this should work :slight_smile:

IMHO @webratte suggestion is the best solution because that way you can create a verified group

The issue was: how to create a group with multiple emails at once :wink:

I just tested a workaround for this.

-Send a message with Delta Chat to your self (This way the header will
get all needed information so Delta Chat will know it’s not a normal
mail, it’s a chat mail.)
-Open this message in your Mail client (e.g. Thunderbird) It’s not
needed to decrypt it, if you not have PGP encryption on your PC
-Click Reply
-Putt all wished group members in the “To:” field (not CC and also not BCC)
-The subject line will be the Group name. And in the body you can write
something like: Hi, I just created a group for you.
-send this Mail

-Now the group should pop up for all receivers

-You can change the group name and set a avatar if you clic on the
“group name > the avatar place holder” if you like


Great idea :slight_smile: