How to disable encryption again when I stopped using DeltaChat on that email account?


I used DeltaChat for my iCloud and Yahoo! account but right now I want just to keep using it with my Yahoo! email.

I deleted iCloud account from my DeltaChat app on Android and Mac but the unusual thing is when I send a message from my yahoo! mail to my own iCloud email in DeltaChat the message has been sent encrypted not normal email! how to disable DeltaChat feature from iCloud mail address completely?


Hello :wave:,
did you send an email back to Yahoo Mail from your iCloud account?
As far as I think I understand the system, the encryption should then be lifted for the next mail from Yahoo Mail to iCloud Mail.


/me tried to clarify the title of the topic.

What @Raiden said above should work: send an unencrypted normal email, then encryption should get disabled again.

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Thank you so much!
Yes! encryption for next mail has been lifted.

Thank you so much and sorry for my bad English writing :face_with_hand_over_mouth: