How to get no-reply, email-contacts without box into delta-chat?

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as elsewhere already mentioned (messages not displayed topic), it seems like as if no-reply mails, mail sender without box, do not get into Delta-chat, such as notifications of the forum here and other notifications.
As delta is actually handy as exclusive client, how to fix it, how to make sure no second email-client is needed any more?

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you have to set “all” in email interactions in “chats and media” in settings, and even then I think it doesn’t shows up if it is detected as mailing list, but in the next release seems mailing list support will be added so it will work :slight_smile:

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Sadhu (appreciation) for care.

Yes, and my person gets all mail aside of those, he thinks, tought to have observed, do not have a mailbox (such as notifications from websites or other no-replay mails). It, if that way, might be also an issue with alias adresses then, as far as my way of thinking could imagen.

We filter out messages from mailinglists. I don’t know exactly how this filter works, probably it also filters out notifications from eg this forum. @Hocuri is currently working on adding mailinglist support and in general we are currently focusing on making dc usable as a more full email client. So expect this to be solved in the soon future :slight_smile:

Appreciation for information and effort, good master Jikstra.