How to Handle Private IP and Missing IPv6 in DNS Configuration for ChatMail Deployment on OCI Cloud?

I’m trying to set up ChatMail from this GitHub repository: GitHub - deltachat/chatmail: chatmail service deployment scripts and docs on an OCI Cloud instance running Ubuntu. However, I’m encountering an issue during one of the setup steps. When I execute the command scripts/cmdeploy dns, it outputs that I need to configure DNS entries including a private IP address and a PTR/reverse DNS entry. Additionally, it mentions an IPv6 address, which I don’t have. The specific message I receive is:

Checking your DKIM keys and DNS entries...
You should configure the following DNS entries at your provider: A
If you already configured the DNS entries, wait a bit until the DNS entries propagate to the Internet.
You should add the following PTR/reverse DNS entries:
You can do so at your hosting provider (maybe this isn't your DNS provider).

My concern is about adding a private IP address ( to public DNS records and handling the missing IPv6 entry. How should I proceed with these DNS configurations? Is it common to include private IP addresses in DNS settings for such deployments? Any advice on how to handle the absence of an IPv6 address would also be appreciated.

IP address should be the public one. Deployment scripts determine IP address by grepping ip addr output so it is not accurate.

As for PTR, you can ignore the warnings. It is “authentication mechanism” that belongs to 90s and should be considered obsolete by now.

I opened an issue in chatmail repo: IP address is determined incorrectly · Issue #336 · deltachat/chatmail · GitHub

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