How to hide the new hint 'Background connection enabled'?

It seems on Android is now using a permanent notification to avoid being killed in the background, which is nice!

However, I do not want to see the hint all the time: is it ok to hide the hint by disabling the notification in the app settings? Or does this defeat the whole purpose?


yip, this will probably defeat the purpose, at least on android 6 and newer.

if you tell Delta Chat not to add the notification (in Delta Chat’s notification-settings), you have to make sure manually, that the connection to your server is not killed by the operating system’s manufacturer, that might be tricky or not even possible, see

however, some operating system’s manufacturer allow to hide or to tune down the notification (slide or long-tap the notification in the system area), i assume that in this case, the things continue working although the permanent-notification is not visible.

it is weird and it is a pity that so many operating system’s manufacturer follow this way.

I use xiaomi with android 9 and delta worked well for me with the previous configuration.

what i propose is that if someone disables the permanent notification, in the delta settings, then delta does what they did before. That worked for many of us well.

I think that is just as it works @agutierrez

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