How to make classic e-mails visible in Delta Chat?

Delta Chat version


Relevant settings

  • Show classic e-mails: For accepted contacts
  • Watch “sent” folder: Enabled

Expected behavior

  1. When I’ve been writing with someone, both using a regular e-mail client, on a single thread, and I want to continue writing using Delta Chat, I want to see the thread as a conversation or at least see the last message.
  2. When I’ve been writing on Delta Chat with someone who uses a regular client and occasionally I reply via a regular client (because I want to attach multiple photos which seems not to be possible in Delta Chat), I want my message to show up in Delta Chat.

Actual behavior

  1. I tried different approaches, always deleting the conversation in Delta Chat in between
    1. Just open a conversation with the user:
      It is empty
    2. Move the contact’s messages in the thread to the Delta Chat folder, open a conversation:
      Only a few messages are visible, but not the last one
    3. Copy the whole thread to the Delta Chat folder, open a conversation:
      It is empty
  2. Whether I leave my reply in the “sent” folder or move it to the Delta Chat folder, it doesn’t appear in the conversation