How to make Deltachat use phone contact?

Currently it display all email addresses I used to send and receive. How to make it use only my phone contact?

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

Deltachat should access and use contact from phone.

Actual behavior

Deltachat currently compiles contact from all email addresses that I use to send and receive from my account.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Setup and use Deltachat normally

Screen snapshots

Unfortunately, that’s not possible currently.

Why do you want this? I mean, you only need the contact list when adding sb to a group or creating a new chat, both of which isn’t that often. And there is a search functionality

Once you have configured it, select and delete all the Delta contacts, you will see that the phone contacts are not deleted, but the rest are.

I think this situation is somewhat related to “contact list corruption” controversial long-standing issue in delta chat, some people see it as a feature that when you join a group all contacts are added to your contact list, but this is not how it works for other messenger apps, and users find unexpected to find “unknown” people added to their contact list