How to manually add new contact email


How to manually add new contact email if i don’t want the app to access to my adressbook ?

Thank you.

On Android, click (+), then simply start typing the email address. “New contact” item will appear, click on it.

See relevant section in the manual created by @SamanaJohann, it has a screenshot:

Just in case you are not giving access to address book for privacy reasons: Delta Chat only uses the address book to create contacts in local database. Your contact list is then never sent anywhere, the only way to export it is via backup.

This question is more frequent than you think, I think that adding a contact should be more visible

There is this balancing act of information importance vs. display area size. You say, adding a contact is very important, although the majority of contact addresses was collected in the past.

To me, the important thing is that as many messenger apps as possible have similar UX so that common users are not forced to change their behaviors that much when using various apps…