How to move an already existing Mail (Thunderbird) discussion to Deltachat?

I have a long Mail exchange with several participants which startet with formal Mails and now is mostly an unformal reply like in Messangers. Is there a way to get this Thread into Deltachat without leting other knwo that I use Deltachat?

You can also use delta chat to manage all emails or those received from accepted contacts, in the latter case you could accept the contacts of the participants in the discussion to use delta chat to send and receive emails. Why don’t you want them to know that you use delta chat?

Because I would like test Deltachat. At moment I plan to use it on selectiv subject. If Deltachat works for me, I will present some this app some participants of the discusions I have also. But for now I do not plan to interrupt the discusions with Deltachat messages. (No problem with the Deltachat signature)

How do I accept contacts? If I select a contact in Deltachat there is no button for that.

You have to go to settings > chats and media > show classic e-mails and select “for accepted contacts”, in this way when they send you an e-mail it will appear on delta chat as a contact request, if you accept it the e-mails sent from that contact will appear as a chat.

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