How to set up Delta Chat as an email client (Android)


Just heard about Delta Chat and am super interested. I was a previous user of Spike email, as I loved the chat like email appearance, but their pricing model turned me away.

Anyway, I want to use Delta Chat as my mobile email client, but am unsure of some initial settings. I just tested the Android app on a dummy email account and it seemed to work nicely for the most part. However, I was not able to find a setting or action to fully download/list any previously received emails. Is this possible?

Thank you for any help!

It is not possible to download existing emails currently. As a hack, you can move all your emails to another folder or rename the folder where they are, then they will be considered new mails.

Got it! That is unfortunate, as I pretty much keep most emails in my inbox (not super organized, when it comes to filtering/tagging emails). I guess I can hope for a possible future enhancement.

I realize that my use case is probably different than the majority of users.

Great stuff, though, and cannot wait to continue to follow the project!

Thank you

Delta Chat is not suited for managing email storage. It uses IMAP as a message feed. Delta Chat always downloads each message at most once, processes it (decrypts, assigns to a chat, extracts attachments) and never looks at the message again.

If you want an full IMAP client for Android that allows you to manage folders manually, download old messages and so on, K-9 Mail is probably a better option.

Thank you for all your support and suggestions. I did try that email client quite a long time ago and it really didn’t satisfy my desire to have a “chat” like email client (like Spike).