How to vote on features?

Hello everyone!

I would like to know how I can vote for delta-chat features in discourse. How can I vote on delta-chat features with discourse?



why is there still no voting system in delta-chat with discourse?

note: this is not a feature request, but a question.

right now you can give the topic you like a heart.

Maybe we will also do crowdfunding of features in the future.

The timing of feature development generally depends on multiple factors, like:

  • do we have the money for it (is it possible for us with the limited money/time)? - so if someone says they can give us money for feature X that’s a better position to negotiate than just saying I want this for free. Though we only accept money for things we want to do anyway eventually or that fit into our vision
  • are the experts or motivated community members, that have the needed experience in that area, available at the time that we want to work on the feature?
  • how much gain/advantage does the feature promise over other feature ideas? (see the #features category, there are so many ideas and not even all ideas have a topic in this forum)
  • what does the community think, with an focus on the production community (the people that contribute: developers, testers, translators, …)

So voting is just one way, much more effective ways to influence the project is by:

  • discussing features and how to implement them in a civilised manner here on the forum or when meeting us in an IRL gathering.
  • making an argument in action (prototype, proof of concept, pull request, ui mockup, and so on)
  • sponsoring a feature
    • first discuss with us over delta et merlinux dot eu, but depending on the feature complexity such discussions start at (1000eur, 5000eur or more), so that is another reason that vote-with-your-money crowdfunding might be interesting, because a single person most of the time does not have so much cash on hand, but collectively it’s easy to reach such amounts.
      I imagine it kinda like ubuntu, Purism – Fund Your App and other sites which let you choose in what areas you want to invest with your donation. kinda like some interactive roadmap maybe?
    • the feature still must be doable and fit into our vision, but finding out how it could be done is also part of the discussion process