I am very close to leaving DeltaChat 😞

The links are a bit long…
Is the bank only sending an html version of the email? they provide no text fallback?
(if they provide no text fallback the problem is in reality kinda their fault, but I know you don’t wanna hear that and asking them to change will probably not work so we need to improve DC to better handle it)

What’s your suggestion, how should DC display the email / convert the html site into text?

There is the idea to save the html version and have a button on the message that opens the html email inside of a webview (basically inside your browser).
But I don’t know how long this will take to be implemented, so for a faster solution - is there anything that we can improve in the “html email to text” converter inside of the core?

The idea of the button could be great!!!

In the meantime I have reconfigured the regular email client, so when arrives this type of email I can look there.

Sincerely, I have no suggestions how DC could manage the conversion from html to text and viceversa, I’m sorry

@Simon in my opinion, the error is not so much in the link (which willingly, DC could handle it with the url shortener) but in not removing <> from the url.
@claudio is the url of the links clickable?
I bet not.
Solved the <> problem and making the url clickable we can think of the feature request of using url shortener. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The url are clickable, but doesn’t go anywhere, so it seems like are splitted

@claudio Hope you are still subscribed to the forum.

Latest releases bring HTML mail support to Delta Chat: E-mail compatibility releases - Delta Chat


I hope so.
It is no longer even in the Delta Chat Italy group. :disappointed: