I am very close to leaving DeltaChat 😞

Hello DC team!

I started using DC recently and I really like the idea of being able to use the good old email as a messenger, plus the cryptography ready out of the box without having to do anything too technical…REALLY GREAT!!!

But unfortunately I realized that I can’t absolutely use only DC client to consult the email, because unfortunately some important messages like those from my bank or credit card, or at least all those that arrive in html, are totally unreadable, so in the end I was forced to reconfigure the email client to be able to read all these messages that otherwise with DC I can’t read;

in addition, some messages do not even reach me, and they are not even present in the “contact requests” !

In short, I can’t use it fully as my daily driver, and I’m sorry to say it, but if some functions are not implemented to read these messages more easily in the near future, then I’m forced to abandon DC as redundant app.

I HOPE NOT!!! :cry:

Thank you!

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Hey Claudio! thanks for taking the time and write up your experience and warning! :100:

It’s true that Delta Chat is not yet ready to be a “normal e-mail app” replacement. So far it wasn’t a primary goal but rather we we wanted to get a decent chat experience, comparable to Whatsapp and others.

The good news is that improving e-mail compatibility and usefulness of Delta Chat as a general e-mail app is the upcoming focus of the next release series!

Here you’ll find the list of current issues https://github.com/orgs/deltachat/projects/31 – we are still working on finishing and bugfixing the current release series, which will see all platforms support “Swipe to Reply” and showing “quotes” in messages.

I just opened a group for testing and discussing “email compat” related issues for the next release series. Please feel free to join this group, and maybe help us testing “nightly” features or release candidates when the time comes. And then, maybe around the end of this crazy 2020 year Delta Chat will be a much better replacement for regular e-mail apps :slight_smile:

If anyone else wants to join and help on the topic of “Delta Chat Email-Compat, as e-mail app” testing please be welcome.



Hi Holger,
I’m happy to read this news!!!
So, I’ll wait for the next releases :+1:


The first time I tried DC, some months ago, I did the same mistake to use it like an e-mail client. But it isn’t this! (or not yet).
My hint is to use it just for chats, with a secondary address or even with your own but only for the DC messages (settings > chat & media > only chat).

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I set “All”, because I want people who use classic mailers to recognize Delta Chat by sending my messages with the appropriate signature (“Sent with Delta Chat”), so that they give it a try. This way, I get contact requests from people who do not use Delta Chat, yet.

But it is great to see all the effort done by the developers to achieve better readability. Thank you so much!

Why do you want to leave DC?
You can use it in conjunction with another email client.
On the other hand DC is primarily an instant messaging app.
I also use another client to check some html emails.
DC is growing, I know, it will take time for some functions to be implemented.
What feature are you missing that you just can’t do without?


Another good working way to use DC is to use a extentions address.
I use a mailbox.org address (myNormalAddress+deltachat@mailbox.org)
Messages from and to this address I move via sieve filter to the
So I will not disturbed from DC messages in my inbox.

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In fact I’m using it in this way, DC for mailing/chatting with my friends, and regular client for other emails like bank etc.

I hope that in the future I’ll could use only DC

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Ah, I did not know this!

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Good idea ;-))

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Excuse me Claudio, but which version of Delta Chat do you use?
I ask you because some time ago I had problems viewing html e-mails, I opened an issue and Hocuri fixed the bug.
I assure you that in version 1.14.X I have not had these problems anymore.
Download the latest version and you will see the difference.

@claudio and @Federico, but… are you Italians? I’m finally not the only Italian who uses DC! :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks::sparkler: :smile:

For example, this was an issue I had in viewing html emails:

I have the latest version from fdroid which is 1.14.4, but sincerely I don’t understand if my problem with html message is the same of the one described in github. :roll_eyes:

An yeah, I’m Italian :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I am! We’ll conquer the forum!

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Claudio, we need to solve your problem. Can you send a screenshot of the problem you are presented with with html emails? Describe the problem, send log that I open an issue on github. If you want to be part of the Italian Delta Chat group, I’ll create one now, so we discuss the issues and solutions.

I’ll take some screenshots when arrives html email that are unreadable in DC

Here are some screenshots of an email from my bank, which is very unreadable with deltachat, and also those with the default client

@Hocuri nock If you are there. :sweat_smile:
I try to hear in the testing group. :thinking:
@claudio if you want to be part of the Delta Chat Italy group, let me know. :smiley:

If no one answers I open an issue on github, but first I wanted to hear the opinion of Hocuri who had put his hand to the html problem. I who complained about the problem, have not had any more after the Hocuri bugfix. :thinking:

I tried to enter in the Italian group but I failed :roll_eyes: