I don't know what chatmail is

I’m reading about “chatmail” here: nine.testrun.org home , but I have no idea what “chatmail” is, how it is different from regular ol’ email, etc.

Where can I learn more about “chatmail”? My search efforts have turned up nothing, maybe I’m using the wrong search terms.


Hello :wave:,
this is an address that can be used to chat with Delta Chat.
In general, this is possible with any email address as long as the provider supports IMAP.

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chatmail server is just an email server optimized for chatting. It is still using email standards like SMTP and IMAP and is compatible to other email servers and non-Delta email clients. But we should probably make it more clear on the website.


Is it actually possible to delete a test account or is there some kind of expiry date?

Mails are deleted after 40 days and then it is a completely empty account indistinguishable from a fresh one. There is currently no expiry date for accounts and I am not sure if we want to have it, at least it need to be larger to avoid someone taking unused account after 40 days and using it for impersonation. Account is just an entry in the database, it is very cheap in terms of server resources.

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Thanks for the information. :+1: