I have one chat where only one end is encrypted?

Delta Chat version

Version 1.34.2 (git: v1.33.0-96-gcd7532cc) (Windows)

Expected behavior

Establish connection, both ends show as secure and can see eachothers messages

Actual behavior

Only my end showed as encrypted (padlock on messages I sent, no padlog on messages he sent)
He couldn’t see the messages I sent.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I’m not certain of a receipe to reprdoce. This was the first time I had ever used Delta Chat. Subsequent messages to different accounts worked as expected.
Screen snapshots

Debug logs
Available here CryptPad becasue the forum told me I had too many lines for a new user


It’s weird behavior.
Can you try the new version?


Can you send me a log with the sensitive parts deleted? andrea@testrun.org
So I submit it to the testing group and let’s reproduce the problem.
As soon as I/we are able to reproduce it I will open an issue.
But first it would be nice to know if it is already fixed in 1.34.3 which will be released on the store soon.

Thanks for reporting it!

A log from the other side, which sends unencrypted emails to you, would be interesting.

And an example of .eml file downloaded from your inbox using Thunderbird if possible to check if it’s really not encrypted or just displayed as such because of a failure to check the signature.

I sent a request to my friend for a log from his device. Looking at
the attached mails, it appears that the messages he sent were not
encrypted, while those I sent where, just as the HMI in deltachat

(Attachment encrypted.asc is missing)

(Attachment Re_ Message from Big Diggity_recieved after previous encrypted message sent.eml is missing)

(Attachment encrypted message from dad to big_diggity that he never saw.eml is missing)

My firiend indicated a log was not available from his end as the oldes he had an option to select was 2/7/23