Icon instead of (show full message) text

Expected behavior

I like to have an icon instead of show full message text in all platform.

Actual behavior

There have written (show full message) which is not looks good for every message when you send non-dc.

Example Images

An icon is enough I think instead of a long text there.


Disagree. According to all usability studies on the subject, people don’t understand ambiguous icons, and they’re almost always ambiguous.

Here are some references:

Show Full Message” is an important feature.
In my opinion, the text is a bit visually disturbing in chats with rather short messages.
In such a case, the “Show Full Message” button is as long or even longer than the actual message.
Because of the size ratio to short message texts, an icon would probably not be better.
Maybe it would make sense to integrate this feature into the context menu?
Then you would need a tip or click more. However, you don’t need the function all the time.
But the chat history would look tidier.