Idea: port TiddlyWiki to WebXDC

TiddlyWiki is a standalone single HTML file wiki that can save itself by offering a download of modified copy of itself or storing itself on one of the many available hosting providers, e.g. saving itself to GitHub, GitLab, WebDAV etc. All these options can be removed to save space and another option to use sendToChat() API added instead.

The source code of TiddlyWiki is at GitHub and developer documentation is a TiddlyWiki itself.

It is a bit too large by default, empty edition is 2.4M, but for an experiment this restriction can be removed or maybe it is possible to reduce it enough by dropping unnecessary default plugins and saving methods. Also gzipped the file empty.html.gz is only 427K, so inside an .xdc ZIP archive it can be small.

Then the user workflow would be to save a prepared empty version of TiddlyWiki.xdc to Saved Messages, open it, edit and save a new copy via “send to chat”. No need to send any webxdc updates or merge changes, as TiddlyWiki is usually used as a personal wiki. Sending it to some chat would also be possible, but if two users edit at the same time they will send two different updated copies to the chat then and have to merge them manually.

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This is funny app.

So, the benefits off a webxdc version (compared to HTML) are:

  • Better protection against data exfiltration
  • Easier sync between devices thanks to the messenger’s “saved messages”

Not sure if useful for the main idea, good master link2xt. Dokuwiki uses simple txt-files.

Dokuwiki is written in PHP and requires a server to run. DokuWiki is a personal wiki that anyone with a web browser can run locally to store their notes without the need to have a PHP-supporting server somewhere.


My person ‘sees’ what’s the point here. Just thought it might be a kind of trying just to bridge.

A html-editor app with an alternative to php.